In defense of a break up
There is something you need to know, child. There are equal parts of everything in this world. Benevolence and malevolence, in nature and measured equally in the friend you think you know. Everyone will protect their own first. You may feel alone. Hanging on too long on hope and on the silver lining will make you miss all the rainbows behind the cloud next door. But chasing rainbows is Not what we live for. There is thunder, there is winter And then you encounter spring. There are forest fires and earthquakes, balanced by snow drenched scenes and white beaches, lasting friendships and conversations over drinks. Feed your soul what is thirsts for what it is truly after – life - give in to this adventure, and make only a few things matter, a hot cup of tea with a bedside book
And a good nights sleep.
Sigh, sometimes.... most times.... okay, nearly every time it happens. I feel like writing and I get distracted. It is always easier to blame the external forces but it my own fear, my inhibitions, my laziness and indiscipline that come in the way of my getting any writing done. This one is mostly on the external distractions that like I said are easier to blame.

What do you do?
What do you do?
When words are trying to make their way out, trying to say something at the wrong time, when you are in the shower scrubbing yourself clean of yesterday.
Or when your notepad and pen are in another room, or when the children have a crazy demand or an unresolved fight, or you are thanklessly engaged in a familiar familial need.
When the words compete against the pinging phone and a choice has to be made  
whether to savor this moment of visit or        to flingthe words in the bed of your soul in the hope of something worthy growing someday and answer the phone, rote and routine smiling thereafter, thinking t…

मेरे घर का पौधा मुझसे कहता.......

Hello! It was fun to discover that I could actually write the thoughts that I had in Hindi in Hindi!! So I jotted down what I was then thinking into these lines and well, it was fun. And somewhere along the way I lost my train of thought and out slipped the poem!! Disaster. Although it is not the first time I have attempted writing in Hindi, I might need to keep working on Hindi grammer.

Also, whenever I rethink on this topic, I will perhaps edit and re-publish this one again. So this one remains a thought-in-progress.

मेरे घर का पौधा मुझसे कहता.......

हर रोज़ गुज़र जाती

मुँह मोड़ के यूँही

न पानी, न ख़ुराक़ देती

मुरझाए हुए को मुरझाया छोड़, ऐसे जैसे

किसी और की हो ज़िम्मेदारी।

बातें होती है, फ़िज़ाओं की

दूर देश के हवाओं की

मोह लेने वाले नज़ारों की

हरी भरी नदियों की;

क्या फायदा,

अपने आँगन को सूना छोड़

पेैडो के छाओं पे मन ललचाने की।

I responded to a publication seeking poems on the the theme of 'Objects'. I sent a couple of poems. It has been a while since but nothing really came out of it. Sob! Sob! But of course, there is a really superior work happening these days and some poems are simply exemplary so I think I really need to work hard to stand any real chance. 
Here are those two poems below. Enjoy, critique, laugh over, mull over or just simply read! Until the next post...........
In the seen and the unseen Lies this thin layer alongside, a part of our environment and mingled in our stride. It’s on my paintbrushes, On the painted sheets Reminding me of things to do And pictures I would never complete. It’s on the papers to be filed On the shelf where books look pretty On the paper with incomplete thoughts, that I hailed as poetry. On some memories most cherished, On relationships, casualties of misunderstandings, Inside closets with once-worn clothes On dreams and clouding our fantasies. It is …

Fragile Homes

Wrote this sometime back. It was in here saved as a draft. Am posting it now to actually update the blog. Reading it again, the poem does sound dreary but come to think of it, it is more to do with changes that we somehow come to accept and how life just goes on......... 

How fragile are our homes 
They can crack from the inside 
They can break from the outside. 
We raise our loved ones here
We welcome our guests into it 
We hope our secrets stay within it
But always, there is a one fine day 
When the first cracks appear. 
They make us sad, they make us fight
We don’t recognize ourselves 
And then the breakdown arrives. 
The unrecognizable is the new way of life 
And we carry on like before 
inside our fragile homes.........
My big little one was asked to prepare a poem on the Environment. A quick search on the net led to many many beautiful poetry. Most very tough for a 7 year old. And especially since this was attended to very late by me and him (both procrastinated over it for nearly a week) we were left with only the weekend to get ready for the recitation. I jotted a few lines on the Environment that I feel was easy, quick to learn in 4-5 repetitions for his recitation in class. Think he will be able to manage these few lines...........

Once in a beautiful big city
the skies were a pretty blue
twittered birds of different hues
and extinct were animals few.

Today it all seems a distant dream
like those thousand stars once seen
long gone is the cover of green
never before this sad the Earth's been.

Wake up, wake up, before it is too late
clean up your environment mate
help the Mother Earth, the animals and the birds, create
and again make it all beautiful and great.


(So since I am feeling sarcastic of late, here's one where I write a little something on Transformation. I mean, on transforming my personality, which I assure is just a play of words for my enjoyment not something that is really ever going to happen! Peace and love to all)

Transformation From today my transformation begins I refuse to eat the crumbs, from the biscuit packet, the last thick loaf of bread or the leftover food on the kids’ plates. I will take as much time as needed For the things that I need to get done, Mind you only for my reasons, Not for another will I wait. My reason, my purpose, my rules Is why I exist….. I don’t look beyond Myself, maybe a bit about the kids (it is a shame not to get a mothers’ day card really) priorities will remain my hair, my clothes, my shoes. The world is full of such people Inspiring me everyday, Not a thought spared for another Pretense and lies, their chief strengths. Mostly I will be materialistic Only things will give me happine…