(So since I am feeling sarcastic of late, here's one where I write a little something on Transformation. I mean, on transforming my personality, which I assure is just a play of words for my enjoyment not something that is really ever going to happen! Peace and love to all)

From today my transformation begins
I refuse to eat the crumbs, from the
biscuit packet, the last thick loaf of bread
or the leftover food on the kids’ plates.
I will take as much time as needed
For the things that I need to get done,
Mind you only for my reasons,
Not for another will I wait.
My reason, my purpose, my rules
Is why I exist….. I don’t look beyond
Myself, maybe a bit about the kids
(it is a shame not to get a mothers’ day card really)
priorities will remain my hair, my clothes, my shoes.
The world is full of such people
Inspiring me everyday,
Not a thought spared for another
Pretense and lies, their chief strengths.
Mostly I will be materialistic
Only things will give me happiness
I’ll be worth the amount I shop
And only then will I feel fantastic.
Small children I will detest
And babies I will not stand
I dare myself to smile at a kid
will pass them by like a garbage pile.
The only things I will not have is
Remorse for my actions,
Any grace or gratefulness,
Will be put on as time requires.
Now with this transformation, I can bet
I will have loads of similar frenemies
I will be loved, I will be feared
But what I will not have is any

true relationships.


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