My big little one was asked to prepare a poem on the Environment. A quick search on the net led to many many beautiful poetry. Most very tough for a 7 year old. And especially since this was attended to very late by me and him (both procrastinated over it for nearly a week) we were left with only the weekend to get ready for the recitation. I jotted a few lines on the Environment that I feel was easy, quick to learn in 4-5 repetitions for his recitation in class. Think he will be able to manage these few lines...........

Once in a beautiful big city
the skies were a pretty blue
twittered birds of different hues
and extinct were animals few.

Today it all seems a distant dream
like those thousand stars once seen
long gone is the cover of green
never before this sad the Earth's been.

Wake up, wake up, before it is too late
clean up your environment mate
help the Mother Earth, the animals and the birds, create
and again make it all beautiful and great.


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